Trip Reports

We did have a Meets Organiser in the early years but it quickly became a thankless chore! Mobile phones hadn't really taken off the way they have now - email wasn't quite as all-pervasive either. So the Meets Organiser position went unfilled for a considerable time - until now. The Meets Organiser is back, big time, so catch up on trips you may have missed here. 2019 Trip Reports will make their way here as they happen.

Time Trials

Last summer, under the auspices of club member Colin Tannock, a series of Time Trials were held at Forfar Loch. The aim of these events, taking place each Wednesday evening, was twofold. firstly, to enable members to prcatice and improve their paddle technique; secondly, to see if they could pit themselves against other members and the clock in a race around a pre-determined course.

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